Dating sucks. Always. It’s awkward, uncomfortable, and downright weird. I’ve spent years either in the dating world and/or watching other people date, and these are the conclusions I have come up with.  Because of the weird nature of dating, liquid lubrication often helps people speed past the awkwardness, but that shouldn’t always be the case and it rarely leads to lasting and fulfilling relationships.  Hopefully this blog helps alleviate some of the weirdness and mystery of dating to help create longer and more loving relationships, rather than insufferable strings of one night stands, craptacular relationships, and heartache.

Two quick notes: I’ve only ever been in straight relationships, so I have no experience in the LGBT community.  However, I am a member and know several members of the community, and I’m sure some of what I have to say will apply. I am always open to suggestions as to how situations change in the LGBT community.

I am also a firm believer in non-judgmental analysis.  I don’t care what two people decide to do as long as it is consensual and does not cause harm to any party.  If you are going to be judgmental, I suggest reading a different blog. I just won’t go there.

If you have a question about dating or a situation where you are interested in a non-judgmental, helpful opinion, my public e-mail address is howtodatesober@gmail.com.  Any e-mails that are solicitous or out-of-line will be deleted and blocked, and any information you give me may end up on my blog (with names changed, and maybe settings and situations to help keep anonymity).

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